Saturday. The pretty sun is gone and it looks really sad outside. I think I got spoiled after so may beautiful days.

This afternoon my son has a birthday party. He was very happy about it and this morning I found out through my ex that my son is very sad.
I thought it was strange because these past two weeks he’s been working in the restaurant of a hotel doing some practices that the school requires and he comes home like if he had found his purpose in life.
So I asked my ex: “Sad? About what? He’s never been happier than these past weeks!”
“Because of the party. His friends said to him that if he wasn’t going to drink or smoke, he better didn’t go”
“Yes, they meant it as a joke but he took it seriously”
“I’ll talk to him”
“But don’t say anything about drinking or smoking!”
“What?? I don’t want him to smoke EVER and I know he’ll do whatever the f#$k he pleases. But he has to know that he can either follow the flock or be himself. It’s his choice and nobody should to push him to do anything. And those are not good friends if they say that”.

After that, my ex stopped replying to the messages. The only thing he wrote a couple of hours later was: “Is he awake now?”
No, he’s still sleeping.
I need to find out what’s in his mind without seeming controlling. Anyway, he’s not like those teenagers that you say white and they purposely do black just to piss you off.
Mostly he tells me what’s bothering him.
Let’s see what happens.

~ by DotedOn on April 1, 2017.

2 Responses to “948”

  1. ahhh yes, i hope he told you. it seems you have a good relationship with him so he probably will. xxx

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