Wednesday. I wrote a few weeks ago that my boyfriend hated his job. After a while, he found another one and he really liked that one.
Two days later, he got a letter and we thought that he finally had gotten the residence permit but instead, we found out that the contract he had wasn’t good because it was from a temporary work agency instead of being straight from a company.
We didn’t know that.
Now he’s again without a job. He went and talked with someone at the company where he was working last and asked if he could get a contract from them but he was told to wait until next week.
So again, we are back to square one.
Meanwhile, the clock is ticking.

I try not to think about it with the hope that my anxiety goes away but it’s not happening.
I asked if he could get another extension on his visa but they told me that would be unlikely.

I still can’t understand why there is always something. Why I can’t just relax for some time. All this is really tiring.


~ by DotedOn on April 5, 2017.

4 Responses to “952”

  1. Maybe they will give him a contract. That would be nice!

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  2. this is so hard i am so sorry the extention cant be made longer. I will pray something turns up. xx

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