Sunday. I learned something new today. When my car indicates that the tank is a quarter full, it’s actually empty.

Last night we went to a concert. “Should we get some gas?”
“No, it says a quarter of a tank. It should be enough to go there and return”.
After the concert, the stupid car didn’t start.
We used cables to connect the car to another car to check if it was a battery problem but it wasn’t. So we had to take a taxi to get home.

This morning my amazing friend Holger not only drove me to get gas and to the car. He also took care of borrowing a jerry can from a friend so I didn’t have to buy one. Thank you again, Holger.

If that would have happened to me in my country, I would have had to go to the gas station and get an emergency bag to transport fuel.
I found the picture below of one of those bags but it’s not like the ones I remember. They used to be transparent and you could fold them somehow to pour the gas in the tank.

In Argentina, that bag is commonly known as “BPB” or “Bolsa para Boludos”. Bolsa means bag and Boludo means dumb/asshole/loser.

I found this definition in urbandictionary.com

So, if you run out of gas and you need a BPB, is like you’re carrying an illuminated sign saying: “I’m a loser”.

Here in Germany people use cans. That’s less humiliating because when you see someone carrying a can you don’t think they run out of gas. You think that they are going to mow the lawn with their gas mower.
But we know I have an electric mower AND it’s Sunday. And you are not supposed to mow on Sundays…
I’m carrying the illuminated sign.
And I totally deserve it.

~ by DotedOn on April 9, 2017.

4 Responses to “956”

  1. Sorry you feel that way but this is such a great post.

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  2. yay for good friends! 🙂 glad he helped you out and you got gas and the car is ok again! xx

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