Tuesday. I’m so thankful that none of my kids has any allergy or any problem with any kind of food.
I remember that in the former school there was a child who was allergic to all kinds of meat except fish, eggs and dairy and his mother had to bring a special lunch box every time the boy went somewhere.

Today I video called my mom and I said to her that I didn’t have much time to talk because tomorrow a friend who’s vegan is coming to visit and that baking a cake for her was a pain in the ass. That I needed to find a good recipe and then prepare it. I’m vegetarian and that’s already a pain but at least, I eat eggs and some dairy products.
Then my mom stared at the camera and said in a very polite way because my brother was there with her: “You probably don’t know but the doctors discovered that your sister in law is lactose intolerant too”.
My sister in law is celiac and my mom swears in 4 languages every time she has to cook for her. I’m sure that next time I talk to my mom when my brother isn’t there, she’ll tell me exactly how she feels about the new allergy.

I feel really sorry for everyone who’s allergic to something. It’s really sad that you can’t eat some things because your health is at risk if you do so.

I found a recipe for a chocolate cake without butter or eggs… or tofu.
I made it and the cake is as tall as my index finger, placed horizontally.
I can’t cut that cake to add some filling without breaking it, so I think it’ll look pathetic as it is. I hope at least it tastes good.

~ by DotedOn on April 18, 2017.

4 Responses to “965”

  1. It seems like everyone has some kind of allergy these days. It wasn’t always like that…

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    • I believe that too… I don’t remember any of my school friends being allergic to anything. But now, at least a couple of kids in each of my kids’ classes is allergic to something.


  2. I’m sure your friend will appreciate the cake. I’m glad I dont have food allergies either. xxx

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