Monday. I’m so distracted. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I wouldn’t like to have my ass chewed because I leave the house and forget the keys inside. That happened today.
First, we couldn’t find the car keys, so we had to search the spare ones. Then when we got back, we realized none of us had a key to get in the house, so we went to search for the one that I hid in the backyard and soon we found out that the back door was left open since who knows when.
It’s nice when we are in tune and nobody can blame the other.
I believe a third person would be pissed.

We are leaving tomorrow evening and I still have a lot of things to do. Most of the things, I like to do last minute because if I do them in advance, I end up checking if I did them or not or changing my mind. Like packing. I feel more comfortable if I make a list and pack the same day I leave or the night before so I’m sure everything is in there and I don’t doubt if I put it or not.

I mentioned we are getting married in Denmark, in an island called Ærø. We have to cross by ferry. I hope the weather is nice. It’ll freeze tonight and tomorrow night.
It’s a shame, I’d love to go to the beach.


~ by DotedOn on April 24, 2017.

4 Responses to “971”

  1. Wish I could be there!

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  2. I hope you have a fantastic time in denmark and at the wedding! Will be thinking of you. xxx

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