Week 2

Week 2. Well, it’s actually week 3 now but that will come later.
It’s amazing how much and how little can happen in one week, or at least, that’s how it feels. Strange.
In a way I feel like I hadn’t stop one second and in another way, I feel like I didn’t do anything at all and nothing got accomplished.
One thing for sure I did; I answered all the comments in this blog. I still have to catch up reading. Or at least see what’s going on.
I’m scared of opening the reader because it only makes me feel guilty. Very guilty.

Let’s start with the f#$cking weather. We had 2 nice and warm days and after that it started being ugly again. But I got to wear shorts and sandals for a couple of days.
Now I have a sweater on and a blanket on my lap because it’s kind of cold.

The veggies are making me smile and pout at the same time. Some of them are growing and improving and the others are just gone, or dormant or I don’t know what happened to them or if they’ll ever show up.

Those are the tomato plants. They look good and healthy.

The same with the radishes and peas and some of the leaf lettuces.

The cabbages that finally showed after many weeks and looked very nice, they suddenly disappeared a couple of days ago. Maybe some bird or bug got them. I don’t know.

That reminded me some years ago when I planted lavender seeds.
I used to have a lavender plant in the front yard when I used to live in Holland.
One year I collected all the flowers and made little things to give away to my friends. The kind of things that you put in your drawers (lavender little cushions??). I had many flowers left and one day I decided I was going to plant the seeds and see if they grew.
I searched how to plant lavender from seeds and I read that they were not so easy to grow and that mostly only the 20% of them germinate.
So I planted 10 seeds and waited. And exactly as the website said, only two of those seeds germinated.
At the time I was pregnant with my daughter (almost 8 years ago!!) and feeling like shit. It was an awful pregnancy and everything seemed to go wrong. My legs were so swollen that you couldn’t tell the difference between thighs, knees and ankles.
My little lavender plants were one of the only things that made me smile at the time.
One morning I was having breakfast and looking outside the window and I saw a bird going to the lavender pot and taking a little plant with it… Probably the second one because by the time I got to the backyard, the pot was empty.
I started to cry. Not a normal cry. It was like if I had lost my child. I knew I was exaggerating but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t be rational and think: “I have 2000 more seeds, I can plant them again” or “They are just plants”… I was sobbing and sobbing non-stop.
That was hard to explain because of course, nobody could really see the seriousness of the matter except me. And I can’t still see it but it hurt sooooo much.

So when a couple of days ago I went to check my cabbages and they were not there anymore, I had a hard time holding back my tears.
I’m only three weeks married. I better don’t scare the nice man away!!

Luckily some of the other plants make me smile. Like those rhododendrons flowers.

I’m not sure if you remember, those rhododendrons are the ones I butchered last year after I bought the chainsaw.
The other six plants are still alive but they won’t give any flowers this year.

My sweet husband still doesn’t have a job. He was told that he’ll have to go one day for trial at a company but we still don’t know when.
And last week he failed the theory exam for the driver’s license and he’s doing it again next week.

I found online a model of the test people here in Germany have to do to get the driver’s license. Everyone gets a random text with 30 questions. Each question has a value that goes from 2 to 5 and you can only get 10 points or less or you fail.
I forgot to mention, this year, there are 1079 questions. And believe me, you have to know all of them or be extremely lucky to pass because you can’t fail many questions or you get to 10 very easily.

If you are bored, take a look at this link.
I think that test was from 2006. Now there are questions with videos showing real life situations and asking how would you react to them. It’s NOT EASY. Or as sweet husband would say: It’s HELL!!

I passed that test with no errors on the first attempt. As we say in my country, I burned my eyelashes studying.
But the practice exam I failed 3 times before passing it. And I’m still rubbing my eyes that I finally did it.


~ by DotedOn on May 19, 2017.

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  1. Haha… that drivers license test. Man, that’s a bear. And yes, let’s not scare the nice man away (just yet). :D:D:D

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  2. Miss you!

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