Week 6

Week 6. Still trying to catch up.
I don’t think it’ll ever happen.
In a couple of days my kids start school again. I can’t believe that almost six weeks have passed.
I would love to write about something that happened during the sixth week but I don’t remember anything anymore. That was back in June.
The only thing that comes to my mind is that school was about to end and my stress level was high but not as high as it is now.

I remember my school years. How much I dreaded the last weekend of the summer holidays. Specially Sunday.
School here starts on Thursday and I have the same stomachache that I used to have 35 years ago.
Unbelievable. I can’t remember what happened two months ago but I remember the school days like it was yesterday.

Some time in the end of June my kids went to Italy with their father to visit their grandparents.
When I asked my kids if they were happy to go, they said “yes and no”, except for my oldest son who said: “NO, I hate going there. It’s awful”.
The thing they like about going to their grandparents is when they go to the beach. The thing they hate about going there, is all the rest.
They usually go to the beach late in the afternoon because it’s VERY hot.
Also because they have to follow the protocol.
Breakfast that lasts almost until noon and then lunch that lasts almost until 4pm because I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Italian customs but sometimes meals have a lot of courses and then dessert, fruit and coffee.

When I remember, I want to cry. A meal with them was torture. I had to endure the same subjects of conversation over and over, mostly criticizing the rest of the family. But they can do that because they are “so perfect”.
That always made me cringe.
The more I think about it, the worse it gets.
My ex mother in law made my life really difficult. She was invasive and passively mean. She always put herself as the victim and fooled everyone with her Snow White face.

Before leaving, my ex asked me if I could pack the kids bags because I was good at it.
I can honestly say that in the 14 years that we were together, that was the ONLY thing he acknowledged that I was good at. For all the rest, I was useless.

After thinking for a bit, I said: “OK. I’ll do it”.
Then he asked: “Can you have the bags ready on Sunday when I pick the kids?”
“But you are leaving next week Saturday!”
“I know, but I want to check if you packed good things or not”
“Are you f#$king kidding me?!?”
“…..” Silence.
I went on: “If you want me to pack the bags, you’ll have them ready on Friday. Maybe Thursday evening if I got everything washed in time but not before”.
“But if you don’t pack nice things?”
“Then you’ll have to deal with it. And why do you want me to pack nice things? you NEVER go anywhere with them! You stay the two weeks at your parents’ house and only go to the beach in the evening. I’m not packing nice clothes so they can stain them with tomato sauce”.
“…..” Silence.
“So, do you want the bags on Friday or you pack them yourself?”
“Friday is fine. Please don’t pack old clothes, OK?”
“I’ll see what I can do. Anyway, your mother will complain no matter what you bring or do. But you already know that”.

So I packed my kids’ bags. I didn’t do it for my ex, I did it for my kids because I know how the w(b)itch is and my kids don’t deserve to listen to her more than what’s absolutely needed.

One day while they were in Italy I sent a message to my 2nd son asking how they were.
He replied: “Fine. We are in Pompeii”
“Are you really?”
“I’m glad you finally got to go somewhere”.

So I guess that being a bitch to my ex helped a bit. I think I’m still full of crap and when I have the chance, I let some go.
Also, when I get the chance to be in control, I sure don’t miss it.

I’m happy that finally my kids got to see something else other than their grandparents’ house and the beach (and use the nice clothes I packed for them!).

~ by DotedOn on August 1, 2017.

18 Responses to “Week 6”

  1. Your ex… I just… he’s such a.. just… ugh.

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  2. Good to hear from you. Your in-laws eat like half the day?? Are they fat as pigs??

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    • Hi Marissa! I’m sorry I took forever to answer 😀
      No, they are not fat. I have no idea how that can be possible.
      I hope all is good with you 🙂


  3. P
    So glad you spit back showing him you have a backbone and will not bend for his wants any longer. The ultimate for the kids was time away from sitting around toxic people who talk bad about the kids family. The ex hasn’t realized that you are not his puppet to answer when he calls.
    I would love a short email letting me know how married life is settling in. I found the first six months difficult because you’re adjusting to the person who loves you but they don’t know every habit. I pray you are well. I’ll email you, let you know what I’m thinking about.

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  4. You can tap your wrists together – about 2 inches above the wrist line. It’s a powerful acupressure point that harmonizes the stomach (and helps w/ sleep/calming). Tap for a minute and you might burp. =)


  5. Paola, I stopped in to see if I could get an idea of how you were. My life is basically insane so I’m barely able to read blogs. Right now activity on my own is interfering with things that, honestly, are much more important, but people expect my festival blog. The only truly wonderful thing for me has been my granddaughter. She’s now 6 weeks old 🙂 I do hope things are OK over there! oxox

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    • Hi Donna!! So nice to hear from you. Congratulations 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your granddaughter very much.
      I’m sorry your life is insane at the moment. I hope it got better since you wrote over a month ago!! 🙂
      I’m fine, also quiet busy. I decided to finish some of the 30000 projects that I started and left around the house . I said to myself that I wasn’t going to sit in front of the computer until I got a few things done :). I’m really hoping that it happens soon because Bobby thinks it’s his fault that I’m not writing anymore :). He’s still awesome and I’m very happy he’s in my life 🙂
      I truly hope you are doing well. Big hug 🙂

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      • Paola!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I’m SO glad you responded! My little Charlotte is now over 10 weeks old and getting cuter every day. Seriously—the light of my life 😀 Things are just as, if not MORE insane, but I’m dealing with it. I’m so glad Bobby is still with you (last I’d heard, he was fighting to stay in Germany in the search of work!) 🙂 Just happy that you’re happ 😀 oxox

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      • Hi Donna! I’m sorry things got even crazier for you!
        I’m glad you have little Charlotte to bright up you day. I imagine by now she’s even cuter. I love babies, specially the fat little legs and feet. I could spend the entire day squeezing them 😀
        Bobby is still amazing and I’m still very happy 🙂
        I hope you are fine ❤

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      • “Happy” is WONderful 😀 And Charlotte is getting more and more precious by the day. She’s now 3 months old. THE light of my life ❤ Getting through my 5th week of an intense detox regimen and it's not fun. I can't wait till it's done 'cause I can't stand fixed meal plans (which change every 2 weeks, too!) and all these added supplements during the process. Anyway, hopefully things will improve in time 🙂 Stay safe through the holidays oxox

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      • Hola Donna! I feel so ashamed I never answered to these messages before!
        I hope by now your health has improved and probably Charlotte is almost walking 😀
        Here everything is fine. Waiting for the nice weather (some things never change!) 😀

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  6. Paola, I’m glad life is keeping you busy in a way that blog posting is secondary! I just want you to be happy 🙂 My health sucks, but my granddaughter is my treasure 😀 Thank GOD for her! And yes, she’s trying to walk xoxo I’ll send a few pics by email.


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