I really don’t like to be repetitive but it seems that I can only write about the same things over and over again.  When did my life get so boring?

Last Friday I made plans that in my head sounded great and really doable.  I woke up at the usual time to get my children ready for school and the second they were all gone, I started making the cake for my youngest son 7th birthday that was the next day.

I knew that the cake was going to take about two hours from the moment I started mixing the batter until I got it out of the oven.  So if my calculations were good, I was going to be done with it at 9.45am.  Apart from the cake, I had to tidy up a bit because my landlord was coming with a plumber to fix a broken faucet and replace something from the heating system in the basement.  Again, in my head that was going to take less than one hour so for sure I was going to be ready before 11am and then have a full hour to write my blog before the landlord came here at noon.  I even had picked the song for my Friday I’m in Love post that usually takes me quite a while to decide.

But of course, NOTHING went the way I planned.  The cake was in the oven 35 minutes longer than expected.  I knew that if I started cleaning and tidying up I was going to forget about the cake and burn it like it happened so many times before, so I decided to stay in the kitchen and make some of the decorations I wanted to put on the cake while keeping an eye on it.   That kind of multitasking, anyone can do, right?

I wanted to make a little fondant banner with my son’s name.  I bought this silicon thing with bunting that is very easy to use.  Better said, it was very easy to use last month when I did the banner for my daughter.  On Friday, the stupid silicon mold decided to be a bitch and it didn’t matter how much I kneaded the fondant or how much I brushed it with corn starch.  The little flags got stuck in it and there was no way to remove them without breaking them.


After many tries, I decided to stop doing the bunting and start cleaning before the landlord got here but I still had the cake in the oven and it was not smart to leave it alone.  So I cleaned a bit the mess in the kitchen while waited for the cake.  Then I tidied up the rest of the house and when I looked at the clock, it was after 11.30 so there was no way I could sit and write so I decided to change cloths and then maybe play my Words With Friends turns.   

I was kind of happy that I was going to have at least 15 minutes to rest.  I took my iPod, sat on the couch, watched outside and my jaw dropped when I saw my landlord sitting in her car.

“WTF!, it’s 11.45am!”  And then I remembered what my friend Esther told me a couple of years ago when I got on time to a meeting at school and everyone looked at me as if I had arrived 3 hours later.

“When German people say 10 o’clock, they mean 9.45.  Remember that”.

For a last minute person like me, 15 minutes it’s a lot of time.  And the last 15 minutes are probably the most productive minutes because it’s when I realize that it’s impossible to finish everything so I start running, grabbing and hiding everything I find on the way.

Before 11.50am everyone was here.   The plumbers couldn’t fix the faucet because they found that the problem wasn’t really the faucet but the pipes in the basement so they tried different things for over one hour without success.   They left around 1pm so I had very little time to hide the cake that was cooling down on the table before my children came back from school.

Saturday was even worse than Friday.  Nothing seemed to work.  After a few more tries, I got the bunting done but my plans to have the cake ready by 3pm, failed completely.    I finished 4.55pm and everyone was supposed to be here at 5 o’clock.

I can’t explain the level of stress and exhaustion I have and the things I should be doing but I’m writing my blog instead.


~ by DotedOn on September 23, 2019.

4 Responses to “Repetitive”

  1. Paola, first—I’m glad you didn’t forget the cake 🙂 I hate when people show up early! I tend to run late, too, so that’s a BIG no-no. And…don’t you have a timer? I have two different types here. One you can even clip on yourself if you need to so it’s with you. The other one is a more recent purchase and has 4 separate timers and a little wipe off board so you know what each timer is for. I can’t live without a timer because EVERYthing would burn or be forgotten (not kidding!). It even happens WITH timers lol

    And P.S. Happy Birthday to your 7-year-old and those banners are SO cute! 😀

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    • Thank you, Donna! 🙂
      The times I put the timer and the food was not ready, I forgot to put it again 😀
      Many times I have to adapt recipes because I can’t find the ingredients here or I use different size of pans… and that’s always a problem… It’s a guessing game :D. And I also realize that if I’m watching TV, my sense of smell is blocked 😀

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  2. I’ve often forgotten to reset the timer too! And it’s funny the effects TV can have lol 😉

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