Why is it so hard to keep a commitment? Maybe because commitments are long term plans and those are so difficult to make happen/fulfill/complete/carry on?

I realized that in order to commit to something, there has to be a lot of love involved.  It doesn’t matter what kind of commitment, a person has to love the cause.  Not enough love? Then the chance is big that the commitment is broken.

I love writing but I can’t seem to keep the commitment to write three times a week.

Today is my 2nd son’s 15th birthday.  My plans for today were to finish the cake that I learned the hard way that I must bake it at least, the day before and after that, make the requested lasagna.  I committed to prepare on my children’s birthdays, the food they want.  That’s the only day they can choose what they want to eat.  The other days they have to eat what’s on their plates.    That’s how much I love them.  Every birthday for as long as I can remember, I spent the day in the kitchen cooking whatever they wanted.  Some times thing went smoothly while other times the crazy or vague requests were on the edge of ruining my day.    I can deal with “lasagna” but it’s really hard to materialize “birthday food”.    I discovered also that “birthday food” is different for everybody and that’s why I was terrified of making the wrong choices and upset my daughter.

“Birthday food?  What exactly is birthday food?”

“You know, birthday food… what you eat when you go to a birthday”

“Like lasagna o pizza?”

“No, other things”

“Chips and cookies and hot dogs?”

“No, not junk food.  Birthday food.  Those things you can dip in a sauce”

So, according to my daughter, birthday food involves things you can dip in a sauce. Every day you learn something new.

My sweet princess is SO hard to please.  She’s the kind of person who doesn’t see the 3 million things you do right but will chew your ass about the one thing you did wrong or didn’t do…  So I decided to put carrots together with cucumbers and peppers on the tray to dip in cream cheese and that was SO wrong.

I wonder when she stopped liking carrots or why she didn’t tell me.  I’d do anything to avoid these kind of things but apparently, I don’t do enough because on my youngest son birthday everything was perfect and she complained about why for his birthday everything was good and on hers I put the carrots that she didn’t like.

So secretly, I’m kind of hoping someone finds a hair in the lasagna so I won’t be reminded of how much more I love my sons than her.

Really, if we all women are like that… I truly hope I’m not but while I was writing I remembered that more than once I asked my sweet husband to go to the supermarket and he forgot something on the list and well… you know how it goes.

Again, there has to be a lot of love involved in order to keep a commitment.  Any commitment.


~ by DotedOn on September 30, 2019.

4 Responses to “Commitment”

  1. I too, have a child for whom nothing seems right😳 Did you figure out what your daughter was talking about with the “dip”?

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  2. You are SO right, Paola…it’s the same as trying to create a habit. NOT easy! And it’s a shame she wasn’t more clear about the dip…probably potato chips and dip! lol


  3. and, btw, I never committed to how often I would post on my blog because I KNEW I’d never be able to keep it! My intentions were certainly to do it more often, but none of it works out lol


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