•April 23, 2017 • 4 Comments

Sunday. Yesterday I wrote that I broke my streak of two years when it was actually 3 years. I started writing in February 2014. I don’t know how I could miss that.

I have a lot to do before the wedding. We are getting married in Denmark. I didn’t know but Denmark is like Las Vegas in Europe. According to a friend, if you never got married before, you could marry by showing only your passport.
We had the idea to get married in Germany but we got discouraged because they asked for many things/papers/documents and we felt we were running in circles. We say in Argentina: they were looking for the cat’s fifth leg or the hair in the egg.
This way, nobody can kick my fiancé out of the country and he also will be able to work anywhere, even for temporary work agencies, unlike now that he’s not allowed to work unless he has a contract with a company. And that’s not so easy to get.

I’ll be wearing white, even though my mom said I’m not “pure” anymore.
Pants and shirt, that made my daughter’s eye twitch and it almost costed me the title of mother but I’ll wear a veil and flowers on my hair that made me earn some points.
I’m going to see if I can do something now and tick off a few items of my TO DO list.


•April 22, 2017 • 4 Comments

Saturday. Yesterday I forgot to press “PUBLISH” so I broke my streak of 2 years, 2 months and 6 days of never missing a day blogging.
Maybe that happened because I’m getting married next week. My granma would say: “Cabeza de novia!”. That translates: “Bride’s head!”. And it means that I’m distracted.
I guess I am.


•April 22, 2017 • 2 Comments

Friday. Yesterday while we were dismantling a pallet to make another seat, one of the boards fell on my big toe. It hurt like hell.
Today it still hurts like hell and it also looks awful. From where the toe starts until just under the nail, it’s blue and swollen. I’m so glad it was cold and I was wearing sport shoes…
I remember when we were doing the other seat, I was wearing my flip flops. I think that if yesterday I had my flip flops on, I would had probably broken a bone.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I’m exhausted. I feel like if someone had hit me with a sack of potatoes.

Going to sleep now. Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.


•April 20, 2017 • 2 Comments

Thursday. I feel like I’m going to fall asleep on the keyboard. I’d go to sleep but I washed my hair a little while ago and I don’t want to go to bed with the hair wet otherwise it dries in funny ways and I look terrible in the morning.
But I’m so sleepy.
I think I don’t care anymore, I’ll brush my teeth and go to bed and in the morning I’ll deal with whatever I have to deal.


•April 19, 2017 • 2 Comments

Wednesday. The cake I baked that didn’t grow was very nice, according to my friend. We ended up cutting it in little squares like brownies because it was practically impossible to cut in the middle and add some filling.

Today we finished the diet. I lost almost 3 kilos/ 6.5 pounds and I believe I already gain a third back.
We decided to watch a movie and mostly with the movie, we have pop-corn. And I needed some chocolate and chocolate peanuts. I think it’s the first time I was glad there were only a bunch left.

The stupid weather will continue to suck at least for 10 more days. The highest temperature will be 15°C/59°F and the lowest -2°C/29°F. Today my friend told me that last year in Hamburg, they had snow in May. I’m not ready for that. I’m never ready for that, not even in December.

Time to go to bed now. I’m super tired.


•April 18, 2017 • 4 Comments

Tuesday. I’m so thankful that none of my kids has any allergy or any problem with any kind of food.
I remember that in the former school there was a child who was allergic to all kinds of meat except fish, eggs and dairy and his mother had to bring a special lunch box every time the boy went somewhere.

Today I video called my mom and I said to her that I didn’t have much time to talk because tomorrow a friend who’s vegan is coming to visit and that baking a cake for her was a pain in the ass. That I needed to find a good recipe and then prepare it. I’m vegetarian and that’s already a pain but at least, I eat eggs and some dairy products.
Then my mom stared at the camera and said in a very polite way because my brother was there with her: “You probably don’t know but the doctors discovered that your sister in law is lactose intolerant too”.
My sister in law is celiac and my mom swears in 4 languages every time she has to cook for her. I’m sure that next time I talk to my mom when my brother isn’t there, she’ll tell me exactly how she feels about the new allergy.

I feel really sorry for everyone who’s allergic to something. It’s really sad that you can’t eat some things because your health is at risk if you do so.

I found a recipe for a chocolate cake without butter or eggs… or tofu.
I made it and the cake is as tall as my index finger, placed horizontally.
I can’t cut that cake to add some filling without breaking it, so I think it’ll look pathetic as it is. I hope at least it tastes good.


•April 17, 2017 • 6 Comments

Monday. I’m not sure if it’s for everybody the same but almost the entire year, I wait for the spring. It’s not that I dislike the other seasons but here autumn and winter last too long, and spring and summer seem to last very little.
I thought that this year we were having an early spring but I was wrong. We had only a few warm days and now it’s COLD.

A little while ago I wanted to check the temperature and saw this:

Snow at 11pm?!? WTF?! I really hope it doesn’t happen.
My mood is already low because I spent the entire afternoon doing some spring cleaning.
I live in this house for two and a half years and I still have a few boxes that I never had the time or will to process because I had no place to put the stuff that was in them. A few days ago I promised my boyfriend that we were going to find a place for everything and if something didn’t have a place, we were going to get rid off it.

Sometimes, I wish I keep my freaking mouth shut.