What you wish for

On Monday I wrote about how jealous my daughter is.  It’s unbelievable sometimes.  I was waiting for a big scene during dinner but when she got back from school, the first thing she did was to open the fridge.

“Oh, that’s a very small cake!” I heard her saying.  I think she was relieved that her birthday cake was much bigger.  I knew right there that I was off the hook, that I could relax because I was not going to hear her saying that I love my sons more than I love her.

Then it was dinner time.  I cut the lasagna and asked my birthday boy: “Which piece would you like?”

So he said: “Give me that one there, the most difficult to get”.  He’s that way, just to be funny.

I offered the second piece to my husband.. I asked: “Would you like this piece? It’s a bit burned”.  I know that he loves the crunchy top.

He answered: “No, please give me this corner”.

Then I gave a piece to my daughter and after that I asked my ex. “Which one would you like?”

He said: “That one” pointing at the piece I had offered to my husband before but he had rejected.

So I grab the spatula and when I placed the piece on the plate, there was a hair in it.  I remember writing on Monday that I was secretly hoping for a hair in the lasagna so my daughter could see that I also make mistakes on other birthdays and not only on hers.

I had to laugh… I removed the hair and said: “It’s cleanish…” and I was waiting for some kind of comment from my ex because I  know how he is and how much he likes to hurt me or be funny at my expense.  And if he said something, I was going to reply: “Like that’s the dirtiest thing you would had put in your mouth”.  But he didn’t say anything.  I was surprised and still laughing .  I thought: “If I knew that my wish was going to come true, I would have wished for something better”.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day wishing for things I really want.  Who knows? I may get some.

~ by DotedOn on October 2, 2019.

One Response to “What you wish for”

  1. hehehe….so, any more wishes come true? I know mine don’t lol


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