Day 9

Saturday Feb 22nd

12.27am I can’t believe I’m not sleeping yet. I’m exhausted!
Friday was a good day. I even wrote a poem!!
No school for the next 9 days. Looking forward to it… (I know that that may change tomorrow midmorning, anyway, I’m excited now).
Plans for the day: Read again “The Little Prince”. Play Words With Friends. Let one of my sons cook. Bake something delicious. Check how much I weight. Make a necklace with my daughter. Be even happier. Get a goodnight kiss.
While I was taking a shower one hour ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about my grandfather. Great man, great grandpa, good dad, awful husband, big cheater. Anyway, I was remembering something that he used to say to me at least once every time I saw him. He said: “Napoleon used to say to his valet: “Dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry”. I’ll try to practice that tomorrow. I should print that and hang it on the wall. But how should I know if it really works or not? Let’s say that I have to finish something as soon as possible. 1) I can choose to do it carefully and slowly (Napoleon’s way), and I take 5 minutes to finish my task and it’s perfectly done. 2) I rush to do it and finish in 2 minutes. And it’s also perfectly done. 3) I rush to do it and I fail. I take 10 minutes to finish my task. 4) I use Napoleon’s way and fail. I take 15 minutes to finish my task. So, what the hell should I do? I’ll never now what’s going to happen in the end until it already happened. Napoleon, you were a gambler!! Forget about it, enjoy the moment! (I can’t blame my friend 43 for this one!!).


Oh yeah, I just got my goodnight kiss 🙂

11.51am I slept terribly! I wasn’t sleepy at all last night. Around 3.00am I fell asleep, to wake up again and again and again. At 7.40am my kids woke up and my daughter came to my bed saying she had earache. Between cries, complains and sobs, I searched for home remedies to cure it… I put 2 drops of olive oil in her ear. I hope that helps. I don’t even want to imagine having to take her to see a doctor. Of course, this things always happen on weekends. Big chance that I have to change my plans for the day.
So far, reading The Little Prince and playing. She’s peacefully sleeping, I wish I could join her.

8.52pm The olive oil worked!! Thank goodness… I was panicking. My second boy cooked today, spaghetti. He prepared dessert too, ice cream with chocolate sauce.
Kids still not sleeping. No necklace or baking. Way happier. And soon I’ll be hating the scale. Too early for a goodnight kiss.
Do you remember a few days ago when I said I did a load of wash? The clothes are still in the dryer. And do you remember William Wallace in Braveheart? Imagine the female version, wearing jeans with the sword up shouting FREEDOMMMMMMM! Yes, my wings are growing back 🙂
Shower and bed coming up… I may get inspired and write some more, if not, see you tomorrow.

~ by DotedOn on February 22, 2014.

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