439 days to go


May 25th – 1 year 2 months and 13 days from today

9.05am I’m so glad it’s a sunny day! Yesterday my day was horrible. But I guess I succeeded in letting go of something. We’ll see. I think I cried two buckets of tears but don’t worry, I re-hydrated at night drinking a lot of beer. That’s SO not me! Anyway, I fell asleep without any problem and no thoughts of the day passed through my mind. And the headache is gone too.

No plans for today except packing for my second son. He goes on a school trip for three days. And probably do some laundry. And only if I feel like it, I’ll fold some clothes too. I have two full baskets in my bedroom and no will to do it.

Last week when I found the “Brilliant Women’s Quotes”, I also liked this quote. It’s not very inspiring but I like it because I agree with what it’s written.


Oh yeah, and I know her!

Last week Sunday, it was dress day. I had to wear a dress to be at home because my daughter decided so. She’s not happy with me today. She’s asking me to go and get breakfast ready and I’m here writing and I really want to finish. She put on a dress and looked at me. I could see in her eyes: “Today you are not pretty enough, you don’t deserve to wear a dress”. Plus, she’s a bit sad today too. Yesterday when she came back from the sleepover, I gave her friend a box full of stickers. As soon as her friend left, she started crying because she thought that I gave her friend her own stickers. I explained that I bought the stickers to share between the two of them. She started shouting that she doesn’t like sharing and that when she shares, it hurts. I needed to ask where it hurts when she shares. She pointed to her forearm. I really had to laugh hard. But she was crying for over an hour and there was nothing that I could say that made her change her mind. I decided that she has to learn to share so I’m sure I’ll be listening to her crying a lot until she understands that sharing gives joy instead of pain. She is hardheaded… So I am, but I had longer time to practice. I’ll win this battle.

You can see below where the sharing muscle is located.

photo (3)

New plans: I’m about to wear a dress too! And I’ll be baking with my daughter (something to share).

Today’s flower is honeysuckle, it symbolizes generosity. (I love them! the smell of honeysuckles just makes me happy).


~ by DotedOn on May 25, 2014.

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  1. I love that little girl SOOOO MUCH!!!!


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