If the day continues in the same way that it has begun, I’m not sure I’ll be alive by noon. I woke up very early so my kids wouldn’t miss the bus. They went to the wrong bus stop and said they had missed the bus. I called them and said run to the other bus stop, you should see all the kids there. “We can’t see, there is too much fog”. They got there but apparently it was the wrong bus. I said to them go to another bus stop. No bus there or on the next one. And I know there are three buses that go to the school. They got back home, I phone the school and explained. While I was talking, some kids passed by, they looked like kids going to the bus stop. I said to my kids: “Follow them”. They did and called me from the bus. All OK. Ten minutes later, my son calls again to tell me that they got to the wrong school. I begged him to ask where the right school was… I still don’t understand why most men NEVER ask for directions. While I was going to bring my daughter to kindergarten, he called but I couldn’t take the phone. I called one minute later and got the voice mail. I phoned again to school asking if my kids where there. The stupid woman who picked the phone didn’t understand me properly so she explained the problem to the second in charge and I spoke with him. He said: “I’ll look for your kid and call you” He never called. After 20 minutes of crying, I called again and spoke again with the second in charge. He said: “I’ll check if your daughter got here” “What daughter? I have 2 boys”. The woman had understood that my kids where going to start school in the second hour. I cried on the phone saying to the guy: “My kids left home at 7.20am and it’s 8.30am and I still don’t know if they are safe” “You’ll get a phone call from us, I’m going to check if your boys are in class”. 8.40am I called the man, he didn’t answer. I wrote a message saying I was going to call the police. Three minutes later he phoned me saying that he got a message from my son at 8.02am saying: “Tell mom we got to school”. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I just saw your missed call and message and his message” “I have a missed call from him, I don’t know if by “we got to school” is the right school. I’m going to call the police, unless you want to call the school again, I called 6 times already, they said twice they were going to call and they didn’t.” So he called the school at 8.45am and someone said they were there.
My head is about to explode. I’m not sure on whom I have to unload my anger. First to my kids for not paying attention and not giving a fuck about anything. Only one thing I asked them and it was: “CHECK WHERE AND WHEN YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE BUS TOMORROW”. Of course they didn’t. Everyone in town kept saying that the bus was hard to miss, that’s because they don’t know my kids.
I’m not sure if I should call the principal now or just let it go.

~ by DotedOn on September 12, 2014.

10 Responses to “00:16.4”

  1. Never cared for my kids riding the bus-but sometimes they had to. When my older kids were little, the 6 year old fell asleep on the bus on the way home and ended up back at the bus garage before the driver realized he was there! Talk about panic when the kid doesn’t make it home!


  2. OMG–deeeeep breaths!! My heads about to explode reading this and then being reminded of when I had kids dealing with school buses! Things can only get better. Right???


  3. Hi Twin P,
    I’m sure everything is better now. Their getting ready for bed and you don’t have to deal with for two days. Take care.
    Twin M


  4. The highs and lows of being a patent with school kids. Someday we are on top of world, other days, about to explode. Hope everything is better now. Here in Houston we’re having mosquito outbreak. They attack without mercy! Have a great weekend.


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