Monday. I feel sick today, my stomach hurts like the day of the chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t bring my kids to kindergarten, I didn’t feel like walking and it’s very windy to ride the bike. I went back to bed and I’m still in bed. I’m not sure why I don’t feel well. It’s true that I’ve been eating a lot but I don’t think anything that I ate didn’t agree with me. I think it’s anxiety. I’m grateful that my mom is here.
Guess who rang the bell at 7.50am this morning? Florian, the boy who was here on my birthday. My kids had already gone to school, so I guess he decided to miss school and come here to play. This time we didn’t let him in and I’m feeling bad about it, but I’m not well today. I’ll try to find out soon where he lives and every time he comes here, make a phone call just to be sure he didn’t escape again.

For a couple of years, I’ve been discussing with some female friends about why some married men have affairs. I know many married women have affairs too, but that part didn’t interest us at all.
The thing was, why with so many single men, we (the single ladies), seem to ALWAYS get connected with married men.
You can guess that we have many theories about why this could be. What’s still not clear to us is why we accept to go with a man that it’s not ours and the chance that he’ll be ours is very small or inexistent.

So, who’s guilty here? And now we could write 3 books about it.
It’s not my idea to blame men or women because every situation is different.

A man can say: ‘I’ve been married for many years and there is no sparkle in my relationship and I miss that’
A woman can say: ‘I know he’s not mine but at least I have something’

See what I mean? The discussion will never end. And we can’t judge the man or the woman because it seems that both of them have valid reasons. They both have needs.

So again, why with so many nice single men some women prefer the married man?

Theory 1.

The married man has little time so he has to play his cards in a very effective way. Aim and shoot. No time to practice.
The single lady has the option to go with that nice single guy who’s following her for weeks or choose this new married man who in 3 minutes told her so many nice compliments (which she really needed to hear because she was alone for so long and her self esteem was really low) and those compliments made her feel 20 years younger and sexy and who I’m I kidding, “He made me feel like nobody made me feel before”.

You can guess what the lady chose. Love or lust? This time, she chose lust but she thought it was love. She truly believed the thing the married man said to her.

~ by DotedOn on February 23, 2015.

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  2. Good topic! I am still puzzled as to why we want someone who is already committed.
    I have no clue……
    As I read your blog a picture of cavemen era came into mind and how they would have dealt with this issue.LOL!

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  3. Ah, another mystery of life! Yes, there are plenty of eligible men and women. Perhaps they haven’t read the rules?


    • I just see this comment Rob!! I was going to continue writing the theories but I think I’ll wait until you tell me some more about the rules… Which rules? I’m sure I didn’t read them either!!


  4. Ha, so, though not my problem, this Florian boy is really starting to bug me! I think you were right in turning him away, like a cat, if you feed him, he’ll keep coming back, if you know what I mean. Where are his parents?! As for the married men, I think I can sum up your questions in one sentence: The good ones are always taken.

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  5. Hmmm. It seemed to be an epidemic around me in the 70’s and 80’s. Everywhere I went all the neighbors were jumping in or out of each others windows every time a car would pull into a drive way. They talked about it and after a few decades I noticed a pattern. Some do it because they are not sexually satisfied. Some do it as a sport to see how many single girls they can conquer. And a few do it because they fall in love with the girl of their dreams who happens not to be their wife. Sad reasons, no good reasons, but there they are. I don’t think there is any reason more than humanity’s nature has never truly been monogamous. And so the real reason is it’s in the natural urge to mate with more than one partner. The most money spent in a single industry is the porn industry. It eclipses all other businesses. That tells me we are primarily interested in that single subject and many pursue it with the gusto of a hound dog.

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  6. Interesting topic you brought in Paola! I still don’t understand why these types of theories exist. Maybe the excitement gets them together…By the way, take care sweetie! ❤

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