Wednesday. It’s about 10am and I already went to the dentist and fell from the bike with my two youngest kids it, on the way to the kindergarten. I hurt my leg a bit and my daughter hurt her foot. The street was very slippery with an invisible layer of ice. We fell in the middle of the crossing on the main street. The cars stopped and the people came to see if we were hurt. My son’s pants were stuck in the wheel and my daughter was screaming like a crazy person. An old woman left her car to help and I was afraid she was going to fall too.
With my daughter crying and limping, we walked back home.
My head is about to explode. I can handle very little these days. I’m really thankful my mom is here. I feel like going back to bed, curl up and sleep until spring. But of course, she doesn’t let me be idle for one second.

My friend Inga moved to Malta and she gave me her bed. I’m not sleeping on the airbed anymore. That’s my Arabian Nights room, I still have to work on it.


That’s it for today. Off to clean more closets.

~ by DotedOn on February 25, 2015.

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  2. Sorry to hear that, Paola. I hope that the injuries aren’t serious for you of the children. Spring is almost here. Things will look much better quickly!



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  3. That Arabian room is totally gorgeous!!! ❤ I'm glad you can take a rest and sleep in a more comfortable bed now. Take care dear and hope all of you recover soon! 😉

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  4. 😦 Not a good day! Hang on Paola. The sun will shine, the ice will melt! ♥

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  5. Ouch! Poor things! That can be upsetting! Looks like nobody’s hurt too seriously though, thank goodness.

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  6. I think after that episode all three of you should curl up in the bed with some hot chocolate and tell the day to come back tomorrow. Hope all is well.

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