Wednesday. I had a really nice day yesterday. All perfect until I got home and found an e-mail from the airline saying that my flight was cancelled. I had to make a new booking but the website wasn’t working. The part I loved the most was that they sent the e-mail at 5.50pm and the customer service closes at 6.00pm. Never mind, after trying about 15 times, I got it to work and finally they sent me a confirmation. I love staying one more day but I hated telling the man that I was staying one more day. I also had to cancel my driving lessons. And my driving instructor has my phone with his number on it. Great. I’m lucky that he has a website and that he posted a picture where his mobile phone is written.
Another thing not so pleasant is that the man was going to pick me up at the train station and drive me and my kids home but now he won’t do it so I have to go somewhere else and walk or take a taxi because there are no buses during the Easter Holidays. And I’ll see my kids on Friday because he decided he wasn’t going to change anything else for me. I’m showing him my finger now.

Going back to the happier part. I went to the center of Barcelona with Jordi. Since it was very early, I walked with him to his job.
He works near the port.


That’s the building where Jordi works.


From the building where he works, I saw that on the next pier there was a shopping mall. I thought: “Finally WiFi”. So I walked there.

The mall


The only problem was that it was 9.10am and the mall opens at 10.00am. I sat on one of the benches and decided that if I got WiFi to work, I would stay until they opened. It took me almost half an hour but I made it work. So as promised, I stayed there but moved to a sunny place in front of the see.

My view from the chosen spot.






When the doors finally opened, I went in and bought something that my mother asked for. Then I decided to have breakfast. I went to a Dunkin’ Coffee. WiFi was working but not really well. I got disconnected several times. At one point I saw that on the receipt there was written a password to use the Dunkin’ Coffee net. I tried that password and I got it working in seconds. And it was GOOD. So I stayed there for some hours replying to some comments, playing WWF, using FaceTime and chatting with my mom.

My view from the café. Thank you!


After that, I walked to the center again to get the souvenirs. I think I walked around 13km/8mi and add to that all the stairs because I don’t use the escalators with the hope to reduce some ass volume.
I took many pictures but I still have to download them.

Then I met my cousin. We agreed to meet near a building that we could identify easily. Guess which one was that?
Yes yes! The building that used to belong to the water company and soon it’ll be a hotel.

I took some pictures of the particular building while walking.




Back in January, when I posted a picture of that building , I wrote:

I think it’s the building of the water company. It’s said that the architect was inspired by a geyser… I tried to see a geyser there but I didn’t succeed. That building pretty much reminded me of something else.

We went to the supermarket with my cousin to get some things because I had promised I was going to prepare garlic pizza for dinner.

Garlic pizza


Focaccia with rosemary (you can see it’s homemade because I was adding pieces of dough to cover the form).


Pizza with dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.


Today I feel like crap so I stayed at home. I’ll go to the supermarket in a bit and then I’ll see what I’ll do.


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  2. I think it will be a very popular hotel. It will be sad to leave so make sure you bring home extra wine and chocolate.

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  3. I’m glad you had a fun trip. The man sure seems like a party pooper. I would avoid him as much as possible!

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  4. Good to see that you are enjoying yourself ❤ But sorry your ex gave you issues about picking you up, to bad he cant see that it is not your fault the plane got cancelled! stay safe and happy beautiful 🙂

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  5. Chef Twin P
    I can’t wait for you to cook for me. It looks like 15 people were coming to dinner. Enjoy every minute, just walk and rest taking in the freash air.
    Twin M

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  6. How beautiful! I have been enjoying the vicarious trip through your blog! Such clear sky and blue water!

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  7. So glad you got away for a little respite, Paola. Bask in the memories–the photos should help! ❤

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  8. The building reminds me a little of the Gherkin in London. Hope you enjoyed yourself during your trip. Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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