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Mug shot Tuesday. Yes, I am perfect. What a bunch of crap! Maybe I am perfect for someone, but no, I’m not perfect. So, why this today instead of the pictures of my daughter’s birthday? Because last week I read this article and I was a bit surprised and shocked and amused, so I left it open on my browser and now the tab is bothering me, so I better do what I have to do and move on.
I still don’t know what led me to click on that, what I was doing or what I was looking for.

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An online pharmacy in the UK started a project called “Perceptions Of Perfection”. The idea was to see how the perfect woman was in different areas of the world. The company hired 18 designers from different countries and asked them to turn a given woman into “the perfect one” according to their country’s own standards of beauty.
This is the original picture:

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Among the 18 designers, 4 were men and those men had to transform the image according to what other women from their country said the perfect woman’s body should look like.
So this project was based on what women from different countries think that “the perfect woman’s body” looks like.

We all know that beauty standards vary from place to place and even if you ask an older man how he likes a woman now and how he liked a woman when he was 20 years old, the “perfect” woman for sure changed from Halle Berry

th (87)

To Sophia Loren

th (88)

What shocked me the most was that for some designers the hair and the clothing seemed more important than the actual body.
I really don’t know what to think. Some pictures made me laugh, some others made me a bit sad.
Is this how some of us women think that the perfect body should look like? Poor the rest of us.

Here are the pictures



















And all the “perfect” women together.


So, what do you think? Are these kind of projects of any use? Do they put even more pressure on women about how we should look like? Does it help anyone to know how some of us think that the rest of us should look like?

If you want to know more about this project, please visit the onlinedoctor.superdrug.com website.

So, if you look like China and live in Spain, should you start eating more carbs? Or if you go to Egypt, do you really need to color your hair? Or if you move to Italy, is it really necessary to get a belly piercing? What about if you move to The Netherlands, are you really expecting women to wear boots in summer?


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  2. lol i always find these types of thing really funny and disturbing at the same time!

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  3. What I think is I need to move to Spain, where my curves would be more appreciated!!! Lol!!

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  4. This is very interesting. I have a lot of opinions on what I think the perfect woman should look like and I think a lot of people would be upset to know that I still hold a relatively thin woman as an ideal, though of course, not one who verges on anorexia…although even people’s ideas of what verges on anorexic is subjective, it seems.

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  5. Being a woman is exhausting! When I was ultra-thin I hated my flat chest and felt like I didn’t look “womanly” enough. Now that I’m curvy, I like my boobs but stress over all the other imperfect areas. It never ends!!!

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  6. I was shocked when I first saw those pictures online. I can’t believe how ridiculous the standard can be, but I also found it amusing to see it at the same time. Being a woman is never easy!!!People are always going to judge I feel like 😦

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  7. Never been a Halle Berr fan. Sophia Loren though…

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