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Sunday. Sunny day today too. I’m not sure if I should be happy for today or start mourning for how the rest of the week will be. Carpe diem.
Yesterday I wrote about waxing and Rob at the V-Pub asked me if apart from the styles, the salons also offered hair coloring.

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Start smiling Rob, THEY DO!!
There a few salons that offer some trimming/shaping/waxing and also coloring.
But it gets better, you can do it yourself at home!! You can color the hair down there while you are watching TV!!!

To do that, you must use the special dye, follow the instructions carefully and you are done.
Do not attempt to use the same product that you use in your head on the areas under the belt. I have no idea what it could happen but I guess it won’t look pretty.
Once I burned my hair (head) because I attempted to straighten it for the second time at home with the help of my father and my brother. I have no idea who started the rumor that the best stylists were men… From my own experience, I can say that’s not true. I had to practically shave my head three times in one month to get rid of the horrible mess.
I guess that if you use the wrong product down there, you’ll be forced to try a Brazilian (but only if the injuries allow it).

Right now, you are probably thinking which colors are available. While doing the research, I discovered that there were three kind of women coloring the nether region.

-Those who freaked out when they got a few gray hairs.
-Those who do it just for fun.
-Those who wanted to be a real blond. (Yes, you are reading that correctly).

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There are several brands but it seems that the most known, is this one.

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I was a bit surprised with the plain names those colors have. I was expecting something more catchy. Like “Black Forest”.

If you want to spice things up and surprise your partner (aka have fun), you can try some of the more daring colors.

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They even say those are great Valentine’s gifts. (Prince, don’t you freaking dare to give me that (ever)).

I personally love this one. Maybe because I’m a romantic.
“something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

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Just imagine the face of the groom when he’s undressing the girl of his dreams and discovers that she’s half Smurf?


~ by DotedOn on August 23, 2015.

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  2. Oh gosh, no, no thank you, no f**in way!! Ha, ha. When I dye my hair it itches and…it might go into places and get on stuff. No way, not worth it. Sorry to be a prude but it gets shaved and cut so often anyway…okay, I’m just not going to say anything else.

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  3. Hahahaha half smurf so funny πŸ˜‚

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  4. Twin
    Half Smurf, that great. I have eyeballed blue but not for below the belt. Since I’ve been sick my hair is falling out. I has David shave like military but it’s grown. I’ve thought it might make me feel good before my surgery get a decent cut and blue color , can’t decide dark blue or light blue. He doesn’t even ask anymore. He know I’ve lost my mind already. I’m pretty hard to get along with right now. I need something I don’t get at home!!!!!

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  5. Lol!!! I didn’t even know these things existed!!!

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  6. hahaha I died laughing when you said “Just imagine the face of the groom when he’s undressing the girl of his dreams and discovers that she’s half Smurf?”…I’ve never heard people can color the hair down there through special dye until this post πŸ˜›

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  7. Half smurf… I darn near spit my coffee out on that.

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