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Mug shot Tuesday. No F#$king Way. That’s what I’m repeating over and over these past days. I know I have a strange kind of luck but COME ON! give me a freaking break.
Yesterday we were having dinner and my cousin said: “Crap, we run out of paper napkins”
“Don’t worry! Take some paper towels”
“No more paper towels either!!!”
“It’s fine, take some toilet paper!”
“Hahahaha, OK… NO WAY!! The one hanging is the last roll!!”
“Are you kidding me??”

If you didn’t know, one of the things that terrify me is running out of toilet paper. So I said to my cousin: “Tomorrow morning I’ll go to the supermarket and get some napkins, towels and toilet paper… I just hope nobody gets the shits overnight!!”.
I was lucky enough to get the shits in the morning and being able to get the extra rolls just in time. Freaking side effects.

When I told my cousin, she said: “Of course!!” She knows how my luck is. She knows that as soon as I say: “I’ll do THIS before this other thing happens”, that other thing will happen while I’m doing THIS.

A few more things like that happened and I’m starting to suspect that I have some super powers that are totally unneeded and only creep me out.

Last week I wrote about Esteban (funeral guy). I’m not sure if I mentioned that every year I send him my Christmas card. He only replied to the first one I sent back in 2007… Better said, he replied to the first one and to the last one.

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I’ll try to translate what he wrote.

“How are you Pao!!!
You never miss the end of the year mail!! hahahaha
You have 5 kids? Are you still in Holland?


He got the e-mails EVERY year since 2007 but I’m not sure what happened… I guess some of my kids got lost in cyberspace because on the past 3 cards I’m completely sure that ALL my kids were on the picture when I hit SENT.

I replied that I moved to Germany and then he wrote back:

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“No way!!
I hope it was for the best.
Luckily I’m fine.
I decided to move back to Europe so on February 15th I’m moving. I’ll be in Italy the first three months and then I’ll go to work with a friend in Holland. Mi sister is living in Amsterdam”

What a coincidence! Super hot Esteban (still, maybe, how old is that picture??) will be only two hours away from me!

~ by DotedOn on December 29, 2015.

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  2. Oh, nice! Well, maybe something will happen…you’ll have to let us know. Yes, I think a lot of our friends who we keep in touch with over the internet and such lose track of how many kids we have. As a matter of fact, one of my friends commented something like that not too long ago.

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  3. Ok.. so my Spanish isn’t as good as it was when I was taking Spanish class, but I actually could read some of what he wrote.. yeah me.. and Yah you. Two hours, huh? Let’s hope the years have been bueno to him.

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  4. Look at that sweetie! I told you before. I know he is still in love with you 😉 I’ll keep praying for you and I hope he will be your Prince! ❤ 😉

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