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Wednesday. I have a lot of things to do today and I really don’t like it. I have a lot of pressure from my mom. She’s one of those persons who starts cooking for Christmas on December 19th and I’m more the kind of person who works better under pressure. Who am I kidding? I’m a last minute person. I’ll push it to the limit to see if there is any chance to avoid doing it.
What I have to do today I can’t postpone in any way because if I could, trust me, I would.

This time I didn’t tell my friends I was here. I came for such a short time that if I had seen my friends, I would have felt miserable with my parents for taking away my time with them. I already explained that to my friends many years ago and the ones who understood are still my friends and the others who got offended disappeared after breaking my heart.
I couldn’t really understand why someone could get mad for so little. I have many friends and I feel bad if I see some of them and others don’t so I decide not to see any.
One girl I thought it was a good friend, stopped talking to me. That hurt.

Real friends are the ones that you can’t miss for years and then the day you see them it’s like you were apart for only 5 minutes.
Less good friends are the ones who tell you: “You should call more often” because WTF, they could call more often too, right?

Now I better get my heavier ass moving and go say hi to my godmother. She’s my lucky person if there is such a thing. Every time she says: “You’ll get that” believe it or, I get it. It’s like she wishes me well with so much love and passion that I get all the stars aligned and everything works out just the way I want them.
If Fairy Godmothers existed, I can say I got one… (and that makes me a real princess, right?).
That, and a my Prince.


~ by DotedOn on March 2, 2016.

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  2. True friends ARE rare!

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  3. I’m very bad at keeping in touch but it’s nice when people just welcome you back without question.

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  4. That ‘less friend’ who says you can call.. yeah, that pisses me off. Stop shucking your guilt off onto me like you are some Jewish mother or something…

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