Saturday. Yesterday when I was about to publish the last post, I got an email from an old friend who I met in 1994 while traveling with my sister. We became friends immediately and every time I had the chance to see him, I did. He’s German and lives a couple of hours away from here.
He sent that email around noon.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.54.53 PM

The last time I saw him was in 1996 and then we kept in contact via letter or email.
I remember when we met him, he had just broken up with his girlfriend and he was very sad. He seemed like a really sweet guy and I didn’t like seeing him heartbroken so I told him what I thought about the girl. And of course, I wasn’t that nice with my words.
We exchanged addresses and phone numbers.
My sister and I kept traveling and we told Tobias that in a few weeks when we were going to Germany, we would call and if he had time, we would love to meet him again.
So about 4 weeks later we met again. And guess what? At that time, Tobi was back with the girlfriend (Verena) and I REALLY liked her. I felt embarrassed for all the things I had said to Tobi so I had to apologized. He laughed and said that he thought those things too, so there was no need to apologize.
We ended up sleeping in the house of a friend of Tobi’s girlfriend… People we had never seen before.
The following year we travelled again and we met him and his girlfriend again. It was great.

I had always really nice memories, so yesterday when I got the email I replied immediately saying: “This is my address, see you in 2 hours!”
You have no idea my stress’ level yesterday. My house was a terrible mess so I had to work my ass off and then, as soon as my kids got home from school, I put them to work too.
We managed to leave everything really nice.

I asked him why he was in the area. He said he was going to a family reunion in the North of Germany and he was passing by this town so he decided to visit me.
It was SO nice to see him! He stayed a bit over an hour because his family was waiting for him.
Catching up 20 years in one hour is great. You get to talk faster because you are afraid of not having enough time to tell all the things that happened in the meantime.

After he left, I sent him an email thanking him for the visit and wishing him a great time with the family…
Some hours later he replied.


He also sent a few pictures. I bet they were partying! You have no idea how many bottles there were on the table!! Probably all empty, he had never sent me so many kisses before!
It’s amazing how a little alcohol can make you talk.

True friends don’t care if you don’t call or write for years. They’ll be there for you when you need them, without resentment, and you’ll feel that all the time passed didn’t change a thing.

~ by DotedOn on April 30, 2016.

14 Responses to “613”

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  2. Paola, it’s imPOssible not to like this post! 😀 SO glad you had this 😀

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  3. So, did he stay with the girlfriend? I have to say, something here really hit a nerve and this is something that happens with a lot of my girlfriends is they have a boyfriend and they complain about him and then you end up hating the boyfriend and then they come back a few days later and everything is great and they’re back in love and you’re like ‘but wait a minute! I still hate this guy!’. That’s why I really think friends should keep their love lives private and I wouldn’t blame myself for anything lousy I said about their boyfriends.

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    • He stayed with the girlfriend for several years. They divorced a few year ago.
      I’m not sure I dare to say to a woman something bad about her man, but I can do that easily to a man. 😀
      (Women stop talking to you… and some men too… but then the men come back and tell you you were right. 🙂 )


      • Yeah, well I’m talking about situations where your friends (women) come to you and start talking about what a jerk their men are. You really can’t do much but agree even if you don’t elaborate. But then, when they come back the next day and they’re all lovey dovey again it can get a bit confusing!

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      • It gets very confusing! I understand what you mean. So, you are back with the jerk? That makes you a bigger jerk! 🙂


      • I know. And then it’s back and forth and you’re just like ‘I don’t want to hear about it anymore!!”


  4. True friends catch up no matter how many years pass.

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  5. Wow, Paola, it seems there’s a theme in your life right now of old friends making surprise reappearances. I’m happy for you.

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  6. What a lovely story! Your so right. True friends are just that, they dont mind how much time has passed in between visits or calls or what not. So glad you got to see him again! XX

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