Thursday. Everyone is asking me how I’m getting along with my ex. Pretty good since we are barely talking. Unless it’s kids related, plans for the day or supermarket stuff, we don’t talk much. He wakes up quite early, prepares coffee for himself and drinks it on the swing that’s in front of the house. I stay in bed until my kids wake up.
My bedroom has a balcony and some days I’m tempted to go downstairs and prepare tea to drink there but I refrain from doing it. I will probably regret it.

Take a look at the view from my bedroom. That’s Massaciuccoli Lake.


That’s on the side, you can see a part of the swing.


And that’s what I see at night.


The reason why I don’t attempt breakfast on the balcony is because the first day my ex said: “We could have breakfast here”. And I realized I said out loud: “NO WAY IN HELL”

Yesterday we were exhausted from the trip to Lucca so we decided to have a quiet day and go to the beach in the afternoon. I was glad it was a bit cloudy because I’m not use to the heat and when it gets too hot, I stop enjoying things.
We went to Vecchiano’s beach. I loved the trip there. I was very happy watching the sunflowers and the vegetation.



To get to the beach mostly you have to park the car somewhere and then walk for a while. I enjoy walking on those paths and wondering if after the next turn I’ll get to see the sea. I really like the dunes.


Not many people were on the beach and that’s always nice.



~ by DotedOn on June 30, 2016.

13 Responses to “674”

  1. Um…sounds like someone’s having a nice time! Looks beautiful!

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  2. I hope you can enjoy the fact that you’re in paradise, my dear 🙂 And have that tea!

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  3. it sounds amazing. I love the beach. glad your enjoying the trip. xx

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  4. I am sorry. I don’t like it! Too scary for me!

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  5. Those are some white legs on the right in that last photo.

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