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Thursday. It’s still very warm and sunny and I’m enjoying every second of it.
As I mentioned yesterday, I had the plan to use the chainsaw this week. We rarely get dry weather so every chance I get, it’s like “now or never”.
But the way things are going right now, everything indicates that “never” it’s what’s going to be.

You see, using a chainsaw is… I couldn’t tell. I read the instructions manual and I got terribly scared.

The explanation on how to use it, is one paragraph long. How to prepare the chainsaw before use, two pages long (I have to assemble it myself). The safety rules, three pages long. And then you have four more pages with “additional safety rules”. WTF!

You have no idea how many warnings there are, how many things you have to prepare before working and how many things you have to pay attention to, while you are working.
It also advices not to work when children are around and not to work if you are alone.
“Always work within shouting distance of a second person”. So if I plan to do something, I’ll have to ask my neighbor 4.5 hours in advance so she can be ready in case she has to drive me somewhere to get help.

It also says to have a first aid box at hand. (Which sounded funny to me, in case I chop off a hand while working).

Then it suggests what to do in case you have to report an accident:

-Where did the accident happen? (My house)
-What happened? (I chopped off an arm with a chainsaw)
-How many persons are injured? (Only me, can’t you tell I’m a f#$king spinster?! If I had someone, do you think they’d let me do this crazy job?!)
-What injuries do they have? (Were you not paying any attention? I had to do the f#$king work myself because I’m a spinster!!)
-Who is reporting the accident? (THE F#$KING SPINSTER!!)

Ugh… I wouldn’t want to go through that conversation.

So my idea of chopping off some branches wearing my flip flops is forgotten. I also have to forget wearing shorts. Or t-shirts. Or jewelry. Or having my hair lose. Or not wearing a helmet. Or having unprotected eyes and ears.
Don’t forget the special shoes with non-slip soles and steel toes.
I do have gloves but that’s not enough. It seems that an armor is needed.

As you can see, I’m a bit disheartened. I shouldn’t have waited so long to start doing it. Who knows how much time I’ll need to be ready to do it.
And I was really looking forward to it.
Just imagine me holding the chainsaw while wearing a nice dress and a tiara with a naughty face.
I wanted to pass a message to all the girls in this world reminding them that they can do whatever they want, no matter who they are or how they look like.
But tiara and chainsaw don’t go together (unless you wear the tiara under the safety helmet).

I was a bit sad this morning. I don’t like to feel discouraged. When I do, everything looks dark and I don’t feel like doing anything at all.
I was kind of weepy when I decided to take an online test:
“What color is your energy?”

Mine is “lilac”

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 8.54.49 AM

The stupid test lifted my spirits a bit so I guess I’ll be assembling the freaking chainsaw soon!

If you also want to take the test, you can find it here.

~ by DotedOn on August 25, 2016.

60 Responses to “730”

  1. You have to be careful, I’ve been in engineering since age 16 and used lathes, drilling machines, jig borers, cylindrical grinders etc etc however not a chainsaw since Scouts.

    BUT principles the same for each!

    Remember cutting machinery is sold safe, manufacturers DON’T sell unsafe ‘to use’ machinery. Just be confident and methodical and rule NUMBER 1 always keep body parts at a distance, never touch a cutting edge.

    But remember tools are sold to be used. Paola I would say watch a few YouTube videos, I always go to YouTube. Let the chain do the job and turn off when not in use.

    You didn’t say whether electric or petrol?

    You’ll be ok just make sure the kids DON’T go near it 🙂 Happy cutting you’ll be ok! 🙂

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  2. My advice try ‘the thing’ lol out on a few branches, put a few on the lawn and gently cut, if you’re nervous stop for a while go back and chop a few more, always cut at the base, have a glass of wine, read some posts have a rest then cut a few more…..no rush lol!. Practice makes perfect,

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  3. The ‘So my idea of chopping………………….. is the really important one,
    1. strong shoes,
    2. tie those gorgeous locks back (A MUST)
    3. no knecklaces
    4. and NO loose clothing.
    Personally I’d say gloves are optional, I love to feel the machine in my hands. You could tell the neighbour.

    Practice and enjoy yourself. x

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  4. Petrol or electric? If you really are uneasy (scared the wrong word) then get someone to show you………. YES get someone to show you is best.

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  5. Try to get someone to show you first, there’s no shame in asking! Even at my age I’ll ask if I’m unsure. Lol sorry about all the comments.


  6. F@CK, F@CKING F@CK F@CK lol, DON’T HAVE ANY WINE. God DOH what lol was I thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Strong boots, no face mask needed just some cheep DIY store glasses and ask the nice man seling………. I’m worse than you father. I’m hoping you haven’t bought to big,

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  8. Please, Paola the dress wasn’t funny (That’s me being firm!)

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  10. Oh gosh…good luck…and be careful!!

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  11. You’re freaking me out here. How much work is there to be done?

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    • A lot! The previous tenant “lived” for the garden. You could tell. When I moved here the backyard looked like a Fairy Tale Land. Now it’s just crazy and untamed! 🙂

      I’ll get it done slowly and when I’m ready. It’ll take some time but I won’t do it when I feel it’s not safe 🙂

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  12. oh paola, this made me chuckle. I have a picture of you in a tiara and with a huge chain saw lol. your so so funny sometimes. you really make my day. xxx

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  13. I played, and got lilac too!

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  14. I actually “get” all the precautions ’cause a chainsaw can be dangerous if not handled properly. It’s the “not knowing” that’s getting to you, too. You do need to protect yourself, especially your eyes and hands, your hair should be back so it doesn’t fly in front of your face or get caught in the blade. There are lots of things. How big is it? If it’s a smaller one, it’s not all that bad, but you still have to be careful.

    My mother uses hers without an issue when she cuts small branches. She’s trimming bushes and stuff like that, not cutting trees in any way. Maybe the first time you turn it on, have your son with you and you both hold it safely and securely on the ground or a sturdy support or table (not a good table, but outside) so when you turn it on, you both have a grip and you’ll feel how much it vibrates and how much strength it needs to control it. Then, once you’re familiar, you’ll be able to handle it alone. Be careful whatever you do 🙂

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    • It’s not a big one but it’s freaking heavy! 😀
      I’ll learn how to use it and see if I can practice somehow. I need to cut some small branches that got in the way and make the place look like a jungle.

      I’m glad you told me about your mom using it, I feel better now 🙂
      Thank you, Donna 🙂

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      • i fear I put you off, Please have a go Paola, 🙂 I only said so much because I’m a worrier NOT because you’re a 😀 Princess, you can do it!


      • ah, but Paola, I don’t know what yours is like in comparison to the one my mother uses! Hers may not be as heavy/bulky. Can you post a pic of it? I’m curious as hell! lol And Andrew made some great suggestions about practicing on the ground first, on the lawn—doesn’t matter if you cut dirt by accident 🙂

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      • I’ll be practicing soon. I’ll try to build a stand. The chainsaw is quite heavy and my wrists are not my strongest point 🙂
        I posted the picture as you requested 😀

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      • …and the pic was PERfect, as everyone will agree 😀 I have to tell you, the fact that you find it heavy makes me question whether or not you should be the one using it :-\ I’m sure you’ll be careful 🙂

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      • I was very careful! 🙂
        It’s heavy and I was exhausted after using it for a while. I think I need to build some muscles in my arms 🙂


    • I’d imagined she’d bought a big petrol Tree Forestry chainsaw, trouble with me is I’m one of life’s worriers, but you are right, safety gear EVERY time and thumbs up to your mother that’s awesome! 🙂

      I disagree with Manuals in one respect, don’t use gloves, tools slip out of gloves, I love to feel the plastic handle in my actual hand, they’re very sensitive and pick up all feedback.

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  15. I get you on the glove thing. I NEVER use them to wash dishes, that’s for sure. I couldn’t care less about “protecting my hands” in that respect. With certain tasks if you wear the right gloves, that shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes you need gloves with a material on the palm for better grip so the item doesn’t slip (hands sweat), or to lessen the chance of cuts. Btw, I’m a worrier too, more so now than I ever was. Barely worried as a kid/teenager!

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    • I’m kind of claustrophobic and I can’t stand wearing gloves. For the only reason I do it when I do some jobs it’s because I start feeling I’m getting calluses and they hurt and prevent me to continue working. If I could hold something without gloves (broom, shovel) for a long time and not get the hard and painful things, I would. I truly hate not feeling what I’m holding 🙂
      (I was kind of a kamikaze when I was a child/teenager. I don’t know when I started being terrified of everything 😀 ) 🙂

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      • I rarely wear gloves myself when doing work, but I don’t do too many things that truly require it. I’ll put vinyl (you know, the medical kind) on when I can’t allow what I’m handling to get absorbed into my skin or that I can’t wash off with something non-toxic. I don’t do yard work so that’s not an issue for me.

        I too did so many more things without fear when I was young. The fear started setting in once I started actually paying attention more to the world around me, learned more about the dangers of things instead of being oblivious and ignorant, witnessed (whether first hand or through someone else, incl. media) more accidents and horror and how life-changing that can be. And then, of course, once you have children that does it too. You become protective of them, and of yourself for their sake. Funny how life is!

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      • I wore gloves and I’m glad I did! Wood is full of splinters! 🙂
        Yes, having kids made me a bit more conscious too 🙂

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  16. I’m glad you protected yourself when it was necessary 🙂

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  17. I would LOVE to be there when you have that conversation… granted, that would mean you were hurt… and since I was there would null the conversation… and… yeah, this is falling apart fast.


  18. But if you were here, you better be the one having the conversation! 🙂


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