Saturday. I’m not sure what I did last night but I woke up in pain several times. I have a stiff neck and the sternum area hurts pretty bad.
I used to have bruxism some years ago. I don’t grind my teeth like most persons do. I just bite and suck really hard for who knows how long (I’m laughing after writing that).
And now I’m back to that too. So my face also hurts. If I don’t stop doing it soon, I’ll have ear pain and even blinking will be painful. Only people who have it can understand. It’s not only jaw pain, it goes way beyond that.
I know how bad it can get. I remember some desperate nights putting my fingers in my mouth and discovering later how hard I can bite. Other nights I put pencils between my teeth. Trust me, it’s not fun.

Somewhere I have a disgusting rubber thing that’s supposed to protect my teeth. That thing not always helps and it’s pretty uncomfortable but I guess I better find it and start using it before it’s too late.


You have no idea how sexy I look with that in my mouth.

Now I better go find it because the pencils are not comfortable either.

~ by DotedOn on October 22, 2016.

14 Responses to “788”

  1. i never heard of the condition before! sounds painful! and unpleasant. I’m having pain too today, in my lower back. sucks. xxx

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  2. If it’s TMJ, I have it, too, Paola. I was given a mouth piece many years ago and it made everything hurt worse. It works for some people, not others, but I didn’t get it from grinding my teeth. It’s not fun when it flares! 😦

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  3. I don’t have bruxism, but I do have TMJ which is the result. Seems like it’s common since I’m looking at the last comment. I had therapy for it which includes wearing a contraption not unlike the one you have. I used to have to wear it all the time but now only at night. There are also exercises you can do to help. It’s hard to explain them to you but I’m sure you can find them online.

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