Saturday. Yesterday I took the Christmas pictures. It was HELL. It seems that every year is more difficult. I didn’t even check if I liked any of the pictures. I just took a lot and when I have time, I’ll see if one of them could work.
What I did this time, was to take pictures of the kids while crying, shouting, fighting and doing whatever they did while I was begging them to be quiet, so I could make a collage of the failures and laugh about it (or cry about it… let’s see what happens).

Today we went to Osnabrück for a bit. It was full of people, exactly what you would expect the weekend before Christmas. We didn’t stay long because it was cold.
I took a few pictures of the ice rink that they built in town and also some of the food stand





You could take a little tour train and I see the whole city from it. We didn’t do it and we didn’t really wanted to go too far because I always have the problem of forgetting where the car is parked.


I really liked how everything looked and I’m glad I ordered my presents online because I’m not sure I could handle the “Holiday’s Fever”.



Again, I’m SO thankful for the internet.

~ by DotedOn on December 17, 2016.

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  1. Yes, me too but did most of my holiday shopping online and ended up having a lot of problems since I didn’t see the items beforehand. Hopefully it all turns out okay.

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  2. Osnabrück looks WONderful! All the lights are so beautiful 🙂

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