Sunday. I still didn’t pick the best picture for the Christmas card but I chose a few of the bad ones to make a collage. I could almost choose all of them.

Every year is the same: I can’t get my five kids ready at the same time.
This year my oldest son was playing one of his stupid video games online and he didn’t want to get banned for leaving the game, so everyone had to wait for him.
Meanwhile, my daughter wanted the red plaid used as a dress so we improvised a kind of skirt using cloths pins to keep it around her waist. By the time my oldest son was ready for the picture, my daughter had to pee badly and my son got irritated by that because he said that she had had plenty of time to do it.
Then my youngest son insisted on wearing my second son’s glasses. After a while we convinced him to remove the glasses and I got all of them ready but then my daughter started crying because she couldn’t hold the pee any longer and she was worried we wouldn’t get the plaid looking like a skirt anymore if she put it off so she cried and cried some more. Finally I got to convince her to pee. Then I fixed the plaid for her and she wanted to stand on the couch to show the skirt. When she was done with that, my second so started playing some game on his iPod and then my third son wasn’t happy where he was sitting so he left and my oldest son went after him and they had a fight and my third son ended up crying.
Then my youngest son got bored and didn’t want to stay in his place either.

I believe I swore for 10 minutes straight, just like every other year.
I’m SO grateful that this ordeal is only a once a year thing.


~ by DotedOn on December 18, 2016.

8 Responses to “844”

  1. Well you got some cute pics for sure. Hope it was worth it for you.

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  2. Those are great! Keep it realπŸ˜ƒ

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  3. I had one son so the only time I had to deal with this kind of stuff was with his friends. This would drive me out of my mind, but I have to tell you—I love the collage! I’ll bet everyone you send it to will also—better than stiff and posed πŸ˜€

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  4. I love the pics. I think they turned out perfect

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